Acrylic Signs with Background

ACRYLIC WITH CUSTOM BACKGROUND For a unique, customizable sign

Acrylic signs offer a whole lot of options.  The ability to put a background on the backside of the acrylic with the text and braille on the front offers a beautiful appearance for a sign, especially when combined with non-intrusive clear braille like above.  We can put any background on any size sign and any color text and braille (so long as the sign is kept compliant).  With our UV Print technology, the results are dazzling, sharp, and perfectly stylish.

Important things to know in advance is the size of the sign, and the image you want for the background.  We can help, but one of the few things we can’t do is make an image sharper than it already is.  We suggest a very high resolution image be used on all signs, and will inform you if we think the image you request is simply too low a resolution to be imaged as a background.


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