Q: How do you make your signs?

A: We make our signs with our unique UV Printing technology.  All the braille, imaging, and tactile text is made from a special UV light hardened ink, that is highly durable and scratch resistant.  This keeps the signs extremely vandal-proof, while also speeding up the production process for faster delivery on orders.

Q: I don’t see a custom sign category like I imagined, what can I do?

A: Since our sign making process is customizable from the ground up, chances are that we can accomplish what you have in mind for your custom ADA signage.  We can laser cut our signs into any shape or combination of shapes, and have a vast repertoire of materials to choose from.  Just go to a sign category that most closely resembles your idea and describe in detail the differences you want.  We’ll get back to you with proofing and assurance that we will do our very best to accomplish what you have in mind.

Q: How long is turn-around?

A: Turn-around is highly dependent on the number of signs you require and the level of detail and intricacy required by those signs.  Our UV Printing sign technology allows us to produce signs at a very fast rate, which helps us beat the competition.  We will specify a deadline with your specific order and meet it.

Q: Do you have discounts for high-volume orders?

A: Making a large amount of signs for your business will often lower the per-unit price.  These discounts will vary based on the variance in the individual signs and the volume being ordered.  The higher volume, the better the discount.  We will take this into account when you request your quote.